Griffin Driving tuition is based in Mulbarton and we have been a successful local driving school for Mulbarton and the surrounding area since 1997.

Date updated 28rd March 2022

Our results speak for themselves with hundreds of pupils who have passed their driving tests with us, mostly 1st time.

Currently, our pass rate is 89% compared to the average for the Norwich practical driving test centre of only 52.3%, meaning our pass rate is over 36% higher than the average for Norwich!

What this means to you is that you are much (36%) more likely to pass your driving test with us than other driving schools using the Norwich MPTC.

So will you take more lessons to reach this high standard of driving? No, on average our pupils take far fewer lessons than average to pass their tests.

We can arrange lessons from home or school, college, work.
Often pupils find it useful to do their lessons before or after school or work, in which case we can start lessons at home for instance and finish at school.

Having taught pupils at most schools and colleges around the area we are familiar with 2-week timetables etc and will always try and be flexible to meet the times that you are available.

Competitive (April 2022) driving lesson rates:
£28.00 per 1-hour lesson.
£42 per 1 1/2 hour lesson.
£56.00 per 2-hour lesson.

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